Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania
​​​​​​​Timothy A. Block, Ann Fowler Rhoads, Anna Aniśko​​​​​​​
Wydawca: University of Pennsylvania Press
Rok: 2011
Wydanie: I
Oprawa: twarda z obwolutą
Liczba stron: 308
Format: 178 x 254 mm
ISBN: 9780812243062​​​​​​​
From the Delaware River to the shores of Lake Erie, Pennsylvania's diverse watery habitats are home to more than 200 species of aquatic plants. In Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania: A Complete Reference Guide, botanists Timothy A. Block and Ann Fowler Rhoads have assembled the first identification guide specific to the Keystone State yet useful throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Organized and written in a way that will make information easily accessible to specialists and nonspecialists alike, the book highlights the diversity and vital ecological importance of this group of plants, providing photographs, illustrations, descriptions, and identification keys for all emergent, floating-leaved, and submergent aquatic plants found in the Commonwealth.
An introductory chapter on aquatic plant ecology covers topics such as the evolution, form, and reproduction of aquatic plants, vegetation zones, types of aquatic ecosystems, and rare and endangered species. Information on invasive plants, such as Eurasian water-milfoil and curly pondweed, that threaten Pennsylvania's aquatic ecosystems will be especially useful to watershed organizations, citizen monitoring projects, lake managers, and natural resource agency personnel. An illustrated identification key guides the reader through a series of steps to properly identify a specimen based on its characteristics. Each of the more than 200 listings provides a plant's taxonomy, detailed description, distribution map, and expert botanical illustrations. Many also include color photographs of the plants in their natural habitats.
The book also is an outstanding value considering both the quality of the publication as well as the content… Likewise, the illustrations and photographs provided are of superb quality and should help users substantially as they identify plants in the region… All of these features combine to provide a useful and much-needed field guide to the aquatic flora of the region.
—Systematic Botany

Whether you are new to botany or an expert in the field, an amateur naturalist or a professional biologist, a horticulturist or a natural resources manager, this book is an essential and useful addition for anyone dealing with aquatic plants in the mid-Atlantic region of North America.
—Plant Science Bulletin

We are definitely intrigued by this book. Your hubby or wife calls to you, asking when dinner will be ready. The engrossed reader responds with “Uh, Honey, there’s a big frozen pizza in the ‘fridge’—put it in the oven and we’ll have that for supper!”… This volume is fun to peruse, beautiful to see the color photos, easy to use the keys, easy to understand the line drawings, and also creates an urgent desire in the reader to go immediately to Pennsylvania and travel those map routes!
—Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas

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