When Perennials Bloom
​​​​​​​Tomasz Aniśko​​​​​​​
Wydawca: Timber Press
Rok: 2008
Wydanie: I
Oprawa: twarda z obwolutą
Liczba stron: 512
Format: 226 x 286 mm
ISBN: 9780881928879
Large plantings of perennial flowers can cost tens of thousands of dollars in large gardens or public parks. Even smaller-scale designers and landscapers can't afford to guess wrong when setting up flower beds that have to look their best on cue. This is the only book available to provide an authoritative, deeply researched guide to flowering time for more than 450 perennial flowers. No designer, landscaper, or public garden can afford to be without it.
When Perennials Bloom is based on groundbreaking research on the exact bloom time of particular flowers from around the world—from Moscow to Missouri. Organized alphabetically by flower and including detailed charts and graphs, this book presents a system to predict the groupings of flowers that will reliably bloom at the same time. Introductory chapters explain the seasonal development of various perennial plants, the response of plants to weather conditions, and basic concepts of phenology—the timing of natural phenomena. Detailed descriptions illustrated with stunning photographs, recommendations for garden use, analysis of bloom times, and graphs showing month-by-month bloom time round out this comprehensive title.
Whether you're a home gardener who wants to plan an effective perennial border or a nursery, design, or landscape professional whose career survival depends on a plant's peak display, you will find this carefully compiled book to be an indispensable tool.
Books providing detailed, first-hand information about perennials are a rare treat for the serious gardener, and this one does so generously.
—Gardens Illustrated

A book that is destined to become a perennial itself, for it unlocks in a practical way one of the hardest aspects of garden design: figuring out which perennials bloom when, exactly.
—Washington Post

Serious gardeners might be downright excited about this book, which bills itself as an almanac for planning and planting... If you're planning to put in a new perennial garden or want to reach the holy grail of gardening—season-long color—you might want to pick up a copy.
—Minneapolis Star Tribune

Makes the daunting task of planting for season-long color almost a snap. This is a great gift for any gardener with a passion for perennials... Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of color photographs... this one's an indispensable tool for the home gardener and nursery, design, and landscape professionals.
—Detroit News

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