Plant Exploration for Longwood Gardens
​​​​​​​Tomasz Aniśko​​​​​​​
Wydawca: Timber Press
Rok: 2006
Wydanie: I
Oprawa: twarda z obwolutą
Liczba stron: 334
Format: 225 x 287 mm
ISBN: 9780881927384​​​​​​​
Longwood Gardens of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, enjoys a long and distinguished tradition of plant exploration and introduction, dating back to the foundation of its arboretum in 1798. Since the 1950s, 50 such plant-hunting expeditions have taken place on six continents and in some 50 countries. These quests are the subject of Plant Exploration for Longwood Gardens, which tells the stories of the people who participated in what were often arduous but always stimulating adventures and the plants they brought back. Illustrated with 500 photographs, this book provides a complete account of these journeys to the far corners of the world and is sure to be a fascinating read for anyone interested in the history of plant exploration and introduction.
Beautifully, masterfully done. You are never, never bored. Buy this book. Either for your coffee table, as it is large and beautiful, or for your reference shelves as it is detailed and precise, or for poring over with a pack of Post-Its to flag and try to find the pictured plants.
—Washington Gardener

This approach offers a fascinating comparison of how both plant hunting and botanical institutions have changed over time... We see here the beauty of the flowering plants of the world in all their diversity.
—American Rhododendron Society Journal

A beautiful book with details about each exploration... It is full of beautiful colored images of the plants, along with photos of the explorers involved... This is a worthwhile book to understand how plant collectors come to find varieties of plants from other continents.
—Home and Garden

Gives the reader an in-depth look at the ways arboretums, horticultural organizations, and botanical gardens have thrived and adjusted over the years.
—Biology Digest

Each collecting region is introduced by a chapter, starting with a handsome map and short description of climate and plant communities. The chapters are filled with superb photos, most of which were taken by the collectors.
—Choice, American Library Association

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