Victoria: The Seductress
​​​​​​​Tomasz Aniśko​​​​​​​
Wydawca: Beckon Books
Rok: 2013
Wydanie: I
Oprawa: twarda z obwolutą
Liczba stron: 467
Format: 251 x 302 mm
ISBN: 978-1-935442-22-6​​​​​​​
Victoria: The Seductress is a sumptuously illustrated book that tells the fascinating story of the Victoria water lily and her discovery and introduction into cultivation. It also details the adventures of countless people around the world who attempted to grow and understand this aquatic marvel. Hailed as the Queen of the Plant Kingdom, Victoria has no equal among the plants of the world. Even today, she remains as elusive for home gardeners and nature enthusiasts as she was 150 years ago when she first entered the princely homes and conservatories of Europe and America. This book offers a new perspective on the majestic Victoria, presenting a vivid portrait of her for garden enthusiasts interested in natural and cultural history.
Victoria had me in raptures from cover to cover. After learning about the lily's discovery and ingenious biology, it will be difficult to consider Victoria a mere plant and not a sheer phenomenon from now on.
—Fine Gardening

No horticultural collection should be without this sumptuous and vivid exploration, very highly recommended as one of the top botany books to appear in print in the last five years.

As intriguing and gorgeous as the plant it documents, Victoria: The Seductress is a must-have for any water gardening enthusiast’s bookshelf.
—Water Garden Journal

Aniśko, curator and plant explorer at Pennsylvania's Longwood Gardens, has compiled an exhaustive and lavish natural history of the gigantic water lily native to South America... With colorful photographs and reproduced paintings throughout, this work is a pleasure for botanists and laypersons alike.
—Publishers Weekly

Victoria: The Seductress by Tomasz Aniśko (an accomplished international plant explorer and curator of plants at the Longwood Gardens) is a superbly produced, profusely illustrated, 468-page compendium showcasing the history and beauty of Amazonian water lilies including their discovery, introduction into cultivation, the personal stories of those from around the world that studied and attempted to grow them.
—Midwest Book Review

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